Apr 15, 2014

Travel Tuesday: The World’s Largest Passover

kosher coke

Happy Passover! Last night, people all over the world kicked off the Jewish holiday with the traditional Passover Seder, but perhaps none quite as epic as The Seder held yesterday in Nepal. For the past decade, a gathering in Kathmandu, Nepal, has claimed to be the biggest Passover celebration in… Read More

Apr 14, 2014

Tour Creator Diaries: Boston’s North End

photo 5[1]

It’s been less than a week since the launch of our Tour Creator, and tours are rolling in fast from all over the world. This week we talk to Lisa, who has been working on a tour of Boston’s North End. The neighborhood, which she resides in, is full of… Read More

Apr 10, 2014

Trivia Thursday: Big Ship Edition

ship trivia

  Know the answer? Leave it in the comments below or on the Stray Boots Facebook page for a chance to win a free Stray Boots tour of your choice!

Apr 9, 2014

It’s Here! Introducing the Stray Boots Tour Creator

sb team

One of the best parts of our jobs here at Stray Boots is hearing from customers around the world who are excited and interested about our product. Since the founding of our company a few years ago, we’ve gotten hundreds of emails from people all over the world, requesting we… Read More