Apr 23, 2014

The 10 Most Insane Hotels in the World

magic mountain

If you pick the right place, staying in a hotel during your travels can be an experience in itself. If you’re looking for accommodations that are a little more adventurous than your standard motel, check out these 10 insane hotels from around the world. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile Buried in… Read More

Apr 23, 2014

Tour Building 101: Writing a Great Challenge


As you may have realized by now, when creating your custom Stray Boots tour, writing¬†the challenges that make up your tour can require some creative thinking. Stray Boots, first and foremost, is meant to be a game. This means turning basic directional cues from place to place into riddles and… Read More

Apr 17, 2014

Trivia Thursday: Easter Edition!


Know the answer? Post it on our Facebook page or in the comments below for a chance to win a free Stray Boots tour of your choice!

Apr 16, 2014

Tour Building 101: What Pictures Can I Use?


So you’ve built a great tour and you’re ready to spruce it up with awesome facts and pictures. Naturally, you head over to National Geographic’s website to grab some sweet animal images. BUT WAIT! If you ever want to make your tour public, meaning its available for anyone and everyone… Read More